Davids Tea

I don’t know if you know Davids Tea but they are great. I can’t have too much caffeine so I bought 3 small bags of flavored rooibos teas last time I went.

I love them. When I can’t sleep, like the other night, I feel more alive thanks to the crème brûlée rooibos. When I want to be cozy, I drink Jessie’s tea. It has coconut and lavender. If I feel sweet, I drink the choco mint tea and when I want to wake up I drink the three lemon  rooibos. I have been buying Jessie’s tea for a year. It’s so comforting and it puts me in a mood to curl up and sleep.

With this new season starting, a good cup of tea is just what I need.



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  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    J’adore David’s Tea puisque je ne bois pas de café. En plus ce que j’aime c’est que tu peux acheter un thé on the go de n’importe quel sorte, donc tu peux vraiment goûter pour savoir si tu l’aimes.

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