Nablopomo October : Between

What does between mean to me right now ?

Well, right now, in this moment, I am between being a couple with my boyfriend, being a girlfriend and a mom. Between a couple and a family. I am between being a working woman and a new mom on maternity leave. Between being highly functional and in control and being unsure of my decisions…and let’s face it, slightly out of control.

I have been between many things. Between the job I wanted to get out of and the new job I wanted. Between feeling miserable and on the way to feeling okay.

It could be a bad thing to be between but it’s not. I don’t feel uncertain and scared. I feel like I should enjoy what I have now and I live in expectation of what comes next. The new colleague I will have to train so the two colleagues will be able to function without me, the baby I will have to train to become a functioning baby, kid and adult, the couple I will have to return to so my love life doesn’t end with the baby, the family life I have denied myself for so long…

Between two good things.


Une réflexion sur “Nablopomo October : Between

  1. jean paul galibert dit :

    Avez-vous lu Pseudo, le dernier roman d’Ella Balaert ? Je crois que c’est fait pour vous : un roman par mail, où trois femmes inventent une femme, Eva, dont chacune écrit les mails à tour de rôle. L’enjeu est de séduire un homme, Ulysse. Un jeu de masque fort périlleux, où l’ identité elle-même est remise en question. L’écriture est somptueuse, précise, presque précieuse, et si sensuelle… C’est un peu Les liaisons dangereuses, aujourd’hui.

    A bientôt, peut-être…

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