I just read an interesting article in Psychology Today.

By the five signs of a stealth narcissist, it seems I know a few of them. This sounds like some people in my family, a friend’s boyfriend and even colleagues.

« 5 Signs of a Stealth Narcissist

Flashy clothing and sky-high confidence are the « public » face of narcissism. Here are a few additional cues, some contradictory, in keeping with the narcissist’s paradoxical nature.

  1. Bragging about one’s perfect family (no one’s family is perfect).
  2. Hypergenerosity in public to demonstrate that one has power, but coldness once the camera is off.
  3. Hypersensitive and insecure. This includes imagining criticism where it doesn’t exist and getting depressed by perceived criticism. »Vulnerable » narcissists are self-centered and overly defensive.
  4. Prone to a vast array of negative emotions including depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, and shame owing to not being given their « due. » Such feelings can be an indication of egocentricity and self-absorption.
  5. Repeatedly puts down other people, especially inferiors and strangers. Loves to talk about him or herself and mentions others mainly to name-drop. »

I think I need to be careful. I attract narcissists.