Thought Questions

I like that blog. I don’t always answer the questions so I thought that I could choose some and write my answers here.

#495 Do you drink tap water ? Why ?

Yes I do. I don’t see why not. No plastic bottles, no contracts with water companies to deliver bottles for a machine that takes up space, it’s free. Montreal’s water is clean and tap water is free. I might buy a Brita eventually but it’s still tap water.

#496 What is the best job in the world ?

I won’t say mother because it wouldn’t be true. It can’t be the best job if you always worry and argue with your teens, if your hands are covered in shit and your shirts in puke. Being a mom isn’t the best job even with all the benefits like smiles and hugs and unconditional love (until they are 10).I want to be a mom but it has nothing to do with being the best job.

To me, the best job is a job where I am alone at times, I’m free to make decisions, I’m allowed my autonomy and I’m paid well. I also have to be one of the few to do it. The very best job would include my own phone line, an office with a closing door and free coffee. Ain’t gonna happen. But hey, we are talking about the BEST job.

#494 What is the most difficult question you have had to answer ?

A friend I had used to ask me if I was happy. I couldn’t say yes or no. I would think « what does happiness have to do with anything?! ». Of course, now, I can say yes and have been able to say yes for quite some time.

#493 What is something that you would hate to go without for a day ?

Food and drink. I was thinking about my boyfriend’s hugs but food and drink comes higher. They answer basic needs. Without it I can’t function.

#489 If you were garanteed an honest response to one question, whom would you question, and what would you ask them ?

I would question my mom and I would ask : « Could you please tell me what you were talking about when you said you had lived incest without hiding who has done this ? »