If I believe what I read, I should get a treat once in a while. But I have been treating myself regularly, more than once a week. More than once a day sometimes.

Not just food treats. It makes me happy to eat strawberries and ice cream. Or eat a chicken burger. Or go to the hairdresser and get my nails done.

New clothes, trying a restaurant, buying maple cookies. It makes me happy. They are small things but they bring a burst of color to my life. Let’s face it, my job is stresseful and I rarely show that I’m stressed. Being pregnant really tires me. So I like treats.

  • Wearing my new t-shirt without waiting for a special occasion.
  • Reading on the balcony while eating a Drumstick.
  • Crackers and cheese.
  • A coffee with a chocolate croissant.
  • Buying a fully cooked chicken at 7$ instead of cooking it myself for 10$.

It makes my life easier and more bearable.

If I prefer an ice cream or a glass of chocolate milk for dessert, who has the right to tell me that it’s too much ?