This morning I woke up crying. I dreamed that my mom was dead because of me. The assassin coming for me had murdered her instead.

No one was crying for her. No one would let me live my grief. I felt so alone and guilty, I called my ex-therapist to make an appointment.My superiors didn’t understand why I was crying.

My family did an intervention. It was only a few days after my mom had died and I was supposed to just let it go.  I wanted everyone to just leave me alone.

The smallest things would make me cry like a book, girls in green dresses.I was pregnant and my mom wouldn’t be there.

The guilt, the sadness, the anger.

What a terrible dream to wake me up. I cried for a full five minutes after I woke up. Luckily my boyfriend wasn’t gone for work so he cuddled me.

Let’s hope the rest of the day goes better !


2 réflexions sur “Nightmare

  1. What a horrible dream. 😦 I hope your day has improved. I don’t believe that dreams mean anything – they’re just your mind making sense of what you’ve seen or talked about or thought about.

    Last week I dreamed I got drunk at a hen party and that whilst drunk I had a huge ugly tattoo put on my arm. The second part of my dream was me waking up, realising what I done then, regretting it, then researching how to get tattoos removed. When I woke up my stomach was in knots. (I woke up at a hen party). The first thing I did was check if it was really there or not. It had felt so real. I was very relieved when it wasn’t. (Hen party is UK equivalent of bachelorette party).

    I really hope your day got better. x

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