I got at work at 7:15 this morning. I was supposed to leave at 15:30 but we had a meeting and it lasted three hours, from 2 til 5.

That is a very long day and I’m drained.

I’m tired, I was famished when I got home and now my tummy hurts. I think I ate too much. So I’m grateful it’s the end of the week and I get to stay home for three days.

I’m grateful :

  1. The week is over.
  2. I get my hair cut and my nails done this weekend.
  3. I see a friend and we are going to eat a special dessert : chocolate-raspberry pie from Chocobel.
  4. We eat outside in the evenings.
  5. I get to go to bed in 2 hours if I can wait that long.