Eesh it came close !

I had my first doctor’s appointment last night and it was very exciting.

I learned that the fetus is smaller than it should because…we didn’t conceive the date I thought we had. The week I thought I had my ovulation was planned if you know what I mean. Well, it seems that the week I didn’t feel like having sex because I had had enough the week before is the week where we conceived. I ovulated a week late. It is a HUGE stroke of luck that we had sex that one time during the week and it was on the right day. Eeeesh !

I got to see the heartbeat and everything is good. There is enough liquid, the fetus has enough space, there is no bleeding and it’s 6 weeks 5 days (plus the time since my last period). It just throws everything off. The date of my last period is still the same even if I conceived a week later. Anyway. I’m still announcing it at the same date, the announcement is planned thanks to Hootsuite. The announcement will be made at noon while we are in company of my family. I wouldn’t want them to learn about this on Facebook first! Let’s hope it sticks and I don’t have to delete my announcement.

I wanted my boyfriend to feel it is true so I was very glad to bring the picture home to him. His feeling was « I made this! ». He teared up, I teared up, we ate pizza.


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