11 to do in July 2011

  1. Clean all the closets.
  2. Eat all the vegetables and fruits I buy before they spoil or find something to do with them before they spoil.
  3. Register for the pool.
  4. Install my door screen so I can give the stapler back to my dad.
  5. At the very end of the month write cards to my aunt in BC and my family I never see to announce I’m pregnant.
  6. On the 5th, ask all the questions I need to ask to the doctor and ask for referrals so I can find an obgyn.
  7. Plan my vacation. Besides going to Québec at the start of August, I have many weeks to plan ! Bike rides, movies, reading…
  8. Visit at least 3 day-care centers and ask to be put on waiting lists of another 10.
  9. Make an exercise plan for home so I can do some.
  10. Arrange my picture frames.
  11. Start rearranging our room/baby room in our minds. Make a plan.

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