40D ?!

I have gone from 38C to 40D. In 2 or 3 weeks.

I tried more than a dozen 38D bras at The Bay and they all fit. However, 38 was just okay. I wasn’t sure whatsize  Ireally  needed with the thoracic cage expanding.

I finally went at Thyme’s store where I got help (finally). I bought breastfeeding bras because they are in cotton and they are way more comofrtable than the other 3 models available. One model is for smaller breasts, the other is a Transformers bra and it scratches and the last one offers more support, it covered the whole breast. It made me look matrony, there was too much space in there and it’s so big you could see it when I had my shirt on, at the neck.

3 t-shirts for 9$, a bathing suit at 60$, 2 bras : 170$. Bras were the 2nd at half price. I had doubts. It won’t take long before they don’t fit anymore. Is it worth the investment ? The seller recommended that I keep one of the bras with the tags on so if my other bra doesn’t fit in a couple of weeks (we have 4 weeks to exchange it), I can exchange the one with the tags for a bigger one !

Now I understand why I received puzzled looks lately at work. They see something weird but they don’t know what it is. My plan is to not tell anyone until I return from vacation near the end of August. I hope my body can calm down until the start of the vacation…