Grateful Monday

  1. I’m grateful Elizabeth invited me to join Pinterest.
  2. Internet : possibilities for finding information are endless.
  3. My little sister has made very good desserts for Easter.
  4. Two days of sun…
  5. In a 4 days weekend.
  6. I found a 3M distributor where I can buy Cavilon products.
  7. I found an online pharmacy where I can buy Mefix.
  8. I found a natural products store that sell Manuka honey : more brands, less expensive than Rachelle-Bery.
  9. The food I made for Easter was good and my brother-in-law ate more than one portion.
  10. I have enough money.

3 réflexions sur “Grateful Monday

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Pinterest! It sounds like you had a nice (and tasty!) Easter. I got to practice a little French over the holiday with my aunt (from Quebec). 🙂

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