Grateful Monday

  1. For a few glorious days, I got to feel like my old self. I went to the gym on Saturday and on Sunday.
  2. Bixi : this is the way I found to do some cardio for the next months. No bike to lock in town, no worries and some exercise.
  3. I bought the most comfortable pants ever at Lululemon ! Be Still pant in Luon. I love them so much that I don’t mind the price.
  4. Honey on my wound makes it more tolerable. The bobo came back but as long as there is honey on it it feels more comfortable.
  5. My doctor’s appointment was cancelled on Friday and I took another one for May which means I don’t have to worry about having time to train my new colleague or going to Milwaukee.
  6. I broke Lent. I have had enough. It’s the first time I do this and it’s okay. I got to eat fries on Thursday and I drank Diet Coke. Aaaaaah. I love that.
  7. This week is a 4 days week and the next week too.
  8. I finally got my passport ! My trip is getting even more real.
  9. I’m almost at then of my antibiotics.
  10. My new pajamas are so comfy and soft.