Maître chocolatier

I went to Le Maître Chocolatier last week for after noon tea. I have to say it was really good. But not worth 30$. 15$ is okay but not 30$.

We could only get one teapot and it couldn’t stay on the table because it was too hot. We had mini sandwiches, really really simple stuff and it tasted very good. Besides the scones, we had financiers as pastries. That’s it. Of everything we saw downstairs (cakes, brownies, etc.) we got nothing of it for afternoon tea. THIS was disappointing. Their brownies are so good.

We won’t go again for teat but it’s a nice place for coffee and cake.

Apart from the chair that was a bit sagging and made me get an infection again.

Too bad the picture is not good.

Isn't it pretty ? Cucumber, mousse de foie et gelée de figues, tomato with olive oil and apple-blue cheese

Mousse de foie et gelée de figues