• I decided to request an invite to Pinterest…still waiting.
  • Stumbled on and am highly impressed. I want to pin it with Pinterest.
  • My original passport request was lost by Passport Canada. Take a moment to let this sink in.
  • They had scanned it so my passport will arrive soon.
  • Had a meeting yesterday and all I wanted was to say WTF?! I think I’m losing my sanity with those people. But I just shut my trap. Mostly.
  • I decided to try honey on my wound. It was suggested by the acupuncturist and I read a bit about it on the net (on the net = it’s true, right ?). Can’t hurt! Did this last night and ntohing hurts so it seems good.
  • Cephalexin reeks of cat piss. How can antibiotics smell so bad ? I just saw that my headaches are a normal side effect but my skin itchiness is a bad sign. However I’m not blistering or peeling so I think I’m okay. I apply skin masks every night before bed and aloe so it helps.

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa !! Isn’t he beautiful ?

My cat is recycling !



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  1. I’ve never heard of Pinterest, it’s a cool website!

    I hope your passport gets sorted out soon. What a disaster.


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