I went to the gym and everyhting was great. It didn’t hurt and it was the most relaxed I had felt since January. I was so happy.

Then I went for afternoon tea at Le Maître Chocolatier where I sat on a chair that was not hard enough. It sank in the middle and I must have had a bad posture, my jeans must have rubbed on the new skin, my back was rounded and now it hurts. My bobo  which the surgeon said was healed now hurts like the dickens.

I hate this. I hate this soooooooooooooooo much.

I was cleared by the surgeon 30 hours ago and I’m already pants down, sac magique (bean bag that you can put in the freezer or the microwave) on the end of my back. I have to call the CLSC to see if they have an opening to see me.

Am I EVER gonna see the end of this ?!