Thought Question 400 : What is the closest you have been to your 15 minutes of fame ?

I would like to say it was this week when I brought a salad and dessert to a friend’s house. I would like to say I saved a life.  But no. I was featured on BlogHer though. That’s a bit like fame. I think so.

Hm. Maybe I’m always a bit near a 15 minutes of fame for one reason or the other. I know it seems like a lack of modesty but I have to be honest, I am always this near. I get away and say to myself to be invisible and just do my job, please fly under the radar and then I do something like create a blog, participate in another and re-tweet stuff that land me on blog lists.

Do I sing, dance, design stuff ? Nope. Do I have money ? Nope. Am I a model, an actress ? Nope.

I’m just a *insert profession here*. In the past I have been on television, in magazines and the newspaper because of what I did at the time. I was doing projects at a municipal level, provincial and national levels and even on the international level (not alone, of course). I’m not doing this anymore and my fame is more in the form of people asking me for ideas or people subscribing to my professional blog and Twitter account.

People ask me for ideas on food. For example, someone asked me on Facebook for brownies recipes. At work, someone asked me what she could do for kids at Easter that had no chocolate. Also, I was contacted by a company to test their new platform because I send them many requests for improvements.

I’m famous in the shadows, you see. 🙂 Maybe I would be really famous if I did sell my cookies again. But I don’t want to spend my time cooking.

I’m this close, I can feel it. But I don’t want to become famous.