I’m a junkie and I know it

Only 19 days left. Until the end of Lent.  And I need my fix(es).

Has this Lent been a success ? Yes. Once again I am aware of those bad habits. And I resisted with difficulty. No. I had trouble with chocolate because of PMS (AF was 10 days late which extended and augmented my PMS) and because of my bobo (which made me crave comfort foods to feel better).

I have stayed away from alcohol. Apart from my boyfriend’s birthday where I had one drink, I didn’t touch the stuff for the whole time.  But to my suprise I realized that having some in the house was an excuse for a  « let’s make cocktails tonight » habit. I think I will have a no alcohol in the house policy again. Or only nasty stuff like rum. No Amarulla, no flavored vodka, no port. Or at least not where I can see the bottle.

The chips issue was not an issue. Milk chocolate either although I have been eating black chocolate, flavored black chocolate, white chocolate, chipits…and those Mini Eggies have been calling my name every time I go to Jean Coutu. I have resisted. But I know that I will have to eat lots of dark chocolate bunnies to resist once Easter is here and Lent is finished.

I also resisted the come hither call of Coke Zero. Not easy. At the restaurant it is so easy to order a Coke. I walk in front of the depanneur and the door seems to open a bit and whisper : « Come, cooooomeee, cold Coke, crispy chips, coooooooooooooooooommeeeeeeeeeeee »…

I have not had a latte except by accident. I was at Lefebvre et Filles and I ordered a regular coffee and the clerk asked me something I didn’t understand…and I got a latte. I drank it. Besides that I only had regular coffee and it has been really difficult. I didn’t realize how I love lattes and I miss my skinny caramel latte from Starbucks.

It was easier than I thought to not buy magazines. I had lots of books to read and I avoided going to the newsstand. I also received my subscription magazines and tried recipes from all of them. But this morning, knowing the end was near, I almost went in. Almost. I looked away in shame. I felt weak.

I’m a junkie and I know it.


3 réflexions sur “I’m a junkie and I know it

  1. I’ve missed my Diet Coke terribly, but it’s been easier to give up than I’d expected… maybe I will crack one open on Easter, and then give it up for good?

    I should really follow your lead w. magazines– mine tend to stack up, and I wonder if I really ever get through them all.

    • I had started taking a magazine to the gym so I could read while using the ellyptical (reading allows me to keep up the pace easier instead of slowing me down). But by not going to the gym, my magazines are stacking up even if I didn’t buy a single one.
      What if you open a Diet Coke and fall off the wagon ? 😉

  2. Congrats on your Lent progress! I gave up shopping (only buying groceries and household needs) for Lent and I’ve done remarkably well. I realized it is a habit to browse online and shop for things I don’t really need.


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