April Nablopomo : Sprouts

I don’t know what I could say about sprouts.

Sprouts is the theme for April’s Nablopomo ! I decided to do it again this month because it encourages me to blog.

Sprouts sprouts sprouts. Germination, croissance, développement. Well, there is a sprout of a new team at work, the start of a beautiful whatever. We are going to hire someone and it’s a woman with lots, LOTS, of experience in my field of work. She is older than me and it seems that she has a great attitude. She wants to share what she knows. I haven’t met her yet but if this wasn’t an act for the interview, I can’t wait to ask her a million questions.

I am just asking myself how I will deal with an older woman with more experience than me. I see that she will allow me to :

  • Learn more
  • Have more time for other projects

I fear I will react like I used to (which means I won’t because I’m aware of it) :

  • Feel competitive and threatened
  • React aggressively without meaning to

I don’t play well with others usually and I know this. I like being the only one doing my work, I like being alone. It takes me 2 years before I’m comfortable with someone (shocking and troubling, I know). But if she really is as wonderful as my boss thinks, I should be able to be the wonderful me I can be :

  • Patient
  • Funny
  • Non intrusive, I don’t talk much about private stuff
  • Open minded
  • Interested

Cheers for Nablopomo and cheers for the sprout of a new era at work. Yesterday I told my boss that we were going to go from windsurfing to powerboating thanks to this future employee. It’s all exciting. What I hope the most is that her knowledge and experience will give me even more brain food, more knowledge.