Grateful Monday

  1. Thank you for the internet. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming trip.
  2. I dropped some tea on my keyboard and my boyfriend got everything fixed inside the hour.
  3. I’m sure I know what caused my injury to return. It means I can avoid its 3rd return.
  4. I got to spend the weekend wearing gym pants. I have an excuse : I had a very small surgery and I have a bandage.
  5. I slept for almost 12 jours on Friday night and on Saturday night.
  6. I’m grateful I had some dark chocolate stashed in my pantry because PMS combined with Lent is driving me crazy. I’m one week late so my PMS is X-Large.
  7. The nice doctor I saw on Friday didn’t make me return to the emergency, she did the surgery right there.
  8. We had sun this weekend !
  9. My friend is dying. I’m grateful I got to see her for breakfast last week. It could happen anytime. She assured me I would know when it happens.
  10. Another friend makes me really grateful for allowing me to be there for her.