Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten {Tuesday} This week for Top Ten Tuesday, top ten things I honestly think :

  1. Before helping others you have to help yourself. Good for personal stuff and international stuff. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else ?
  2. I hate spending time with women who only talk about their kids (AT WORK). I want to spend time with someone that is her own person. Kids are important but it’s not the only thing worth living for and not everyone wants to hear about soccer games, burping and those adorable full diapers. Don’t tell me I will understand when I have my own. I hope I will be able to talk about something else. I have lots of fun reading those blogs though.
  3. I didn’t like travelling a few years back. It’s more exciting now if it doesn’t last too long.
  4. I still don’t « get » it about travelling.
  5. I prefer having room when I take the subway. Don’t touch me. And don’t talk to me.
  6. Hell is people standing at the left in the escalator, people who walk slowly while getting out of the train or while walking on a busy sidewalk, people who don’t watch where they go and just aimlessly turn and slow down and look at everything. People complaining… like me at the moment.
  7. Patterns, relationships are all about patterns. Look at your relationship with your parents then look at your other relationships, look at your relationship with your parents now look again…
  8. Some people do not deserve to be forgiven. Some things are just too awful.
  9. Why are we overpopulated ? Because humans don’t want to give up their control to natural selection.
  10. I don’t trust people who smile too much. Something is just not right.

2 réflexions sur “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Jane dit :

    J’me suis demandé si je parlais constamment de mon fils quand j’parle ou j’écris. J’en suis venu à la conclusion que non. Sure, j’aime parlé d’éducation, de petite enfance surtout de la psychologie de l’enfance mais de mon fils spécifiquement, pas plus que je parle de moi-même. Mais je comprends que pour quelqu’un qui n’a pas d’enfants, même qui en ont aussi, nos vies, nos opinions ne s’arrêtent pas juste à eux!

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