Positive Monday

A bit of English this morning.

  1. I went at Tri Express yesterday with my friend. It was so good !
  2. I went to Bistro chez Roger on Saturday for my boyfriend’s birthday and I was surprised. The food was better than I expected and it was worth the price.
  3. I’m reading Suite Scarlett and it’s fun !
  4. I am finally going to get a passport !
  5. I’m looking forward to this business trip in Milwaukee. I love hotel rooms.
  6. Things are going well with my boyfriend even if I had a tantrum yesterday (general frustration because of things that are not going the way I want them to and PMS…explosive combination), even if things suck lately. Best boyfriend. Ever.
  7. I found a cheaper accounting firm on my street. My taxes are being done for 49$. I love that someone else is doing them and I love that this someone will get me the maximum returns.
  8. This morning’s doctor was very cute. I almost blushed.
  9. A cup of fair trade coffee for 1$. I don’t think people realize how amazing it is.
  10. Even if I pay hundreds of dollars every month for my braces, I can still put the same amount of money aside every month.
  11. My new friend. I don’t take her for granted. People that listen and that are fun to be with, with similar experiences, there aren’t that many.
  12. I’m grateful I find things to be grateful about.