Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten {Tuesday}

For this week’s Top Ten, I chose a Top Ten of my go-to recipes. These recipes are what I do when I have to make batches of food to have some lunches in advance or if I don’t have anything planned and I have to do something wuick and easy :

  1. Three-Cheese Macaroni (sauce made with cauliflower, Food Network Magazine)
  2. Lighter Mac and Cheese (sauce made with pumpkin and cottage cheese, Oxygen)
  3. Lasagna (no meat for me, meat for him)
  4. Pizza on pita, naan, tortillas…
  5. Quesadillas
  6. Pasta with pesto and pine nuts
  7. Chili
  8. Brown rice, vegetables and…something. Chicken, meatballs, tofu.
  9. Roasted chicken or poached chicken
  10. Grilled cheese

I had trouble finding 10! I don’t often do the same recipes.