Bobo begone !

It would be so magical to be able to just scream « Bobo…beGOOOONE!!! » with a swing of the arms for every single bobo to be gone forever. Broken hearts, cysts, cancer, infertility, migraines, empty fridges, broken nails, scratches and bruises : bobo beGOOOOOOOOOONE!!! And ta-daaah ! Voilà, magic at its best.

As I was contemplating my dentist’s ceiling on Tuesday (for a cleaning and the TV was off this time) I was trying to visualize my bobo healing and going away for good. I had to put my attention elsewhere than on the little drill thingy that was going under my gums and then the salt water used to clean the glue holding my braces onto my teeth. The salt water went everywhere. When the hygienist was finished, my face looked like I had cried a river all over it. Not one tear, a whole river.

Maybe it worked ? Maybe it’s all those long baths and no gym ? Maybe my body was scared straight after another day spent between the hospital’s clinic and the emergency room on Wednesday ? Anyway, it feels better.

I had an appointment at the follow-up clinic. I spent an hour in the wait room before I was called. The nurse told me that surely the doctor would tell me it’s okay. The doctor told me I had to go back to the emergency to have another go at the little surgery I already had because it still leaked. So I spent a couple of hours there. I wasn’t prepared for this, I thought I was going to work after the clinic. I had a lunch but no microwave, a bit of cheese, one novel and my homework. So I bought a bottle of water and a Kashi granola bar. I was feeling really stressed, I didn’t want that surgery even if it lasted only a couple of minutes. I didn’t want to spend days without a shower, without being able to sit okay or being able to just bend so I could put on my boots.

A bit of cheese, a granola bar, half my bottle, many pages of notes and many pages of my novel later, I was called to go in room 5 where I waited 30 minutes for the doctor to come see me. And the doctor told me that my bobo was so small that to reopen it up would just make it bigger and it would hurt for nothing. The wick would have to be very small. She said I had to continue taking baths.

YESSS!! My bobo was small. I can’t see it so I don’t know. But she said it’s very small, not red at all. She said that other patients have some that are as big as golf balls or oranges, they are hard, red and infected. I felt so relieved !

I used to hate baths but now it feels like it’s the most relaxing thing. No gym so I have to take my relaxation where I find it.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me.


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  1. oneladyintheworld dit :

    OMG, je t’envoie pleins d’ondes positives, ça semble souffrant pas à peu près, on va souhaiter fort que ça parte et que tu reviennes la reine du ZUMBA, je pense à toi

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