Ouf. About time. It’s finally the end of the week.

Another week of feeling like I’m training for a marathon. Félicitations,by the way, to those bloggers like Elizabeth Evans that do run marathons. I have admiration for runners.

J-L had a job interview this afternoon. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it. I hope it goes well, he’s in it right at this moment. It means that I will be alone when  I get home. Small luxury since he finished school and his training.

A colleague gave me chocolate because she was so happy that I understood what she wa saying and I’m the only one that agrees with her on something I do. I think SHE deserves chocolate for the same reason. It feels so good to have someone that understands what I say! It feels so good to have someone who agrees with my point of view. Not because I want everyone to agree with me but because we are going into a wall if people continue to look at it the way we do and I’m the one working with this tool, I’m supposed to be the expert but nobody asks question, they just want to do whatever they want to do and to hell with the consequences !

Tomorrow, I have a zumba class and I am going to use the gym as well. Since it’s in the afternoon, you betcha I’m going to sleep tomorrow morning ! I have been up since 4 am and even if I went to bed really early this week, I’m still pretty tired. Can’t blame it on AF, she’s gone.

Roasted chickpeas ! ROASTED CHICKPEAS!! What a great snack.


Une réflexion sur “TGIF!

  1. Thank you very much for the well wishes. I figure if I can run a marathon, anyone can. Truly! I know what you mean about those weeks that feel like marathons… hopefully the finish line is in sight!

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