What can I say ?

Nablopomo is ending in 6 days and if doing this has taught me something it’s that blogging everyday increases the stats. Besides that, writing about something every day sure made me write about ordinary stuff and since I had to write every day and I am way too busy and tired lately, I added no pictures or very few. I took pictures for this week’s Sweet Shot Tuesday, You Capture and Happiness Project and I still haven’t posetd them.

I went to bed at 8 or 8:30 the two last nights and I wake up at 5 because of the alarm. I’m sure that without it I would wake up much later than that. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks. I love grocery shopping ! But I’m too tired. Must be the « Unhappiest day of the year » effect as a colleague mentioned (google it, you’ll see).

I keep eating my meals and I keep going to the gym. I read more because I don’t feel like doing much else. Anyway.

Besides this lack of energy, everything is fine.

  • My grandma has had an eye operation and she’s fine.
  • My parents came back from Cuba this week and no news is good news.
  • My boyfriend seems happy.
  • My cat is a big furry ball of warmth.
  • Coffee is good.
  • My boyfriend « invented » a recipe last night and it was really good : tuna, mashed potatoes and edamame in my case and corn and asparagus in his case.
  • The weather is milder than it was at the beginning of the week.
  • Tonight’s dinner is already made.
  • I have plenty of good books to read.
  • TV series have finally started again.
  • I’m looking forward to my cleaning at the dentist’s. My teeth feel clean but..