It feels like a Sunday. Maybe because it is a Sunday.

I woke up at 10:30 for the first time in ages, with a headache, a -40 weather, and no desire to do anything that was planned for today.

Too late to go to zumba toning and I don’t feel like going to the gym. I guess this week is the week where I do some « rattrapage ». My time bank at work is full so I can get in later than usual this week. I was planning on going to the gym before work a few days this week.

Last night was fun. It is so weird that when there is a plate in front of me I will eat what’s in it but if it is a « serve yourself », buffet or as this was , a wine and cheese, I only take a few things. Nibble here and there. I got to meet new people and I got to get a tiny bit closer to those two bloggers and colleagues.

One of them heard from another company that I was the future of (insert word here in reference to my work). It freaked me out and pleased me at the same time !


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