I am going to be careful but it’s still going to be one of those days that seems like an orgy of good food.

I am going downtown with my cousin (to a location that will be disclosed after the event) and we’re going to eat French gastronomie. Then, later, I’m going to a wine and cheese tasting for the birthday of a new friend of mine (maybe it’s going this way, they are colleagues and fellow bloggers).

I have to bring some Victor et Berthold and some Pinot gris Pfaffenheim Alsace 2009. I love québécois cheeses and I have never tasted a Pinot gris. I wonder what everyone else has to bring. I’m curious about how things will go. I don’t know them much and it’s supposed to be a large gathering and a beatnik themed party. I am NOT going beatnik. Don’t have time for this.

My week felt like I was in a triathlon so forget about striped shirts, pantalons cigarettes, berets or whatever. I am not reciting texts either. I bet it’s going to be fun anyway. I’m prepared to have fun, meet new people and taste cheeses and wine I have never tasted before.


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