What do I do now ?

My boyfriend has finished is training but was rejected for the job.

This means our plans for the near future are on hold. Again. Including TTC.

Fortunately, he is taking it well and is planning on seeing his teacher Monday to talk about finding another job, updating his resume and all that.

But this an additional stress to me because we have received a Hydro bill of 560$, along with the biological clock, stress at work, etc.

I’m sure he’s going to find something else in no time and I’m proud of him because he stuck through school and training and he reflected on why he didn’t get the job.

The guy is the best thing that happened to me relationship-wise. I’m sticking with him.

But what do I do about Hydro ? About TTC ? About everything else ? Not much I can do I guess. I have to try to make the routine we established work. I have to do my damn homework that is not getting done. I have to tough this out.


2 réflexions sur “What do I do now ?

  1. when so many things are happening or not happening in your life you have to start fresh and re-evaluate what is going on. i have had to do that this year, nothing worked out as planned last year. so we’re starting from scratch this year

  2. Sending good vibes to both of you. That is tough. My sweet hubby had half of his co-workers laid off. He survived the cut but I think he has traumatic stress right now. Life is challenging but with hindsight I can see that even the worst things in my life worked out for the best.

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