Freaky proud

You know what happens when you force yourself to think positive ? It just happens.

Some of you might remember my posts about not losing weight a few months back. I still haven’t and I was focusing on that while I was in the gym. I was doing crunches with a 15 lbs weight. I was acknowledging that I knew what I was doing wrong about what I ate and I had to man up.

Then I realized that maybe I didn’t lose weight that much but I am now using weights Ididn’t use a year ago. A while ago, I had two women in the toning classes I took that used 12 lbs while all the others used 5 lbs or 8 lbs and I found that freaky. Now, 12.5 lbs is the equivalent of 5 pounders to me ! I also use machines I had never touched and I go to the « big gym », the one with the muscle men. I can do moves I couldn,t do a few months back.

It made me really proud to realize all this. I still haven’t lost the weight I wanted to lose but I’m in better shape and stronger.


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