Reasons why I should send my letter to my dad

  1. Because a letter is the best way of talking without being interrupted.
  2. I won’t see his reaction.
  3. I won’t get pressured in drinking alcohol (I resist and it turns into a struggle).
  4. I will get to tell him exactly what I think and feel.
  5. I won’t see HIM.
  6. It takes less energy to just send the damn letter than to go down there, find him and gather the courage to talk with him.
  7. I don’t have to battle with myself while I talk to him…don’t have to fight what’s natural to me : smile and laugh because I’m feeling unease and fear.
  8. It’s a coup de coeur when I get to send the letter (heart pounds, I am afraid he calls, etc.) and then I can act like I forget about sending it.

I didn’t choose him to be my dad. I don’t believe in « Honor thy parents » when the parents act like dickheads and douchebags. I’m an adult and I get to choose who I keep in my life and who I can live without.


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