Soy and Le Cha Noir

Tonight, my friend and I went to Soy restaurant and Cha Noir tea house.

I’m glad everything went well and that I didn’t come home bitter or critical. Making new friends is difficult for me because it takes a while before I get used to someone. Anyway things went great.

At Soy, the crispy tofu cubes were amazing and I’m definitely going back for that. My General Tao chicken was good but a bit too spicy for me. But it was quite good.

I was prepared to be reasonable at Soy si I ate an entrée and the chicken, no dessert, no alcohol. However, all bets were off at Cha Noir because I wasn’t prepared. So I ate a dessert and I even drank hot chocolate (fitting seeing as someone upstairs in the sky has ripped her duvet and the sky is full of fluff…meaning it’s snowing a LOT).

My boyfriend was waiting for me when I came home. It’s rare that I’m not home at 10pm. He’s in bed and I had to write something for today’s post so, voilà. Now I can go brush my teeth.