Informing people

I have a blog at work and I decided to create it to inform people about the tools we use and how I make decisions about them, what the words I use mean, why something happens, etc.

It is important to me that people at work understand those tools. They often think there is a problem when what they see is normal and they should know how to use what is offered to them.

Also, they are the ones who have to answer questions by other users and they need to know what to say.

I guess I put lots of information in that blog. I think transparecy is important.

This morning my boss told me that maybe we could do a blog for the employees with lots of information and another blog for users with informations more on the 101 side. I think I would like that.

Information is not what my job is but I’m the only one using those specific tools and lots of people depend on the work I do. I didn’t know I had it in me to communicate so much info to so many people.