100% Headache

At the moment, I have a huge headache. Why am I on my blog then ? Because of Nablopomo, to make sure I have one post every day.

My job may be the cause of my headache. 99% sure of it.

Or my biodad. 1%.

For New Year’s Eve we went to Ottawa and came back on the 1st. I had a message on the machine. It was my dad. As usual I always wonder what’s wrong when he calls (not often, very rarely, almost never). Is he dying ? Does he need one of my organs ?

Then I’m pissed off. He calls me out of the blue, to wish me a happy new year with a robotic voice, cold and all but he never NEVER calls for my birthday.

It turns out I have decided that this year I was going to write him a letter to explain why I’m mad at him and why I don’t talk to him anymore. Some people might think that writing a letter is cowardly but if I talk to him face to face I’m going to lose it, scream, curse, spit, etc. So in the interest of letting this anger out in a manageable and civilized way, a letter it is. It’s better to write « I’m angry because… » than scream at the top of my lungs « I hate you ! IHATEYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! ».  I am sure you agree.

So here you have it my job and my dad, 100% of my headache.


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