Positive thinking Monday

  1. I am alive to blog and tweet.
  2. This is a new year fresh with no mistakes.
  3. I still have a few days before going back to work.
  4. No comments on NOT having kids YET at my in-laws.
  5. I bought massages and manicures and pedicures to use in the coming months. Looking forward to that. 🙂
  6. I slept 12 hours in the night from Saturday to Sunday.
  7. New schedule at the Y starts today.
  8. I found the fat loss special and bought it before the date announced on Oxygen’s web site.
  9. My sister-in-law infused me with new fears about Harper’s politics. No more head in the sand. I already vote but I will follow politics so I can vote against him for a party that will be able to enter. No more green party.
  10. These holidays were a tiny bit more relaxed than usual and I have not been sick.
  11. I just bought 5zumba  classes! I haven’t done zumba in a few months. The Y has not offered classes on a schedule practical to me or with a trainer I like. So I bought 5 classes at Bamboo Fit and am planning to go at Guy-Favreau as well. More cardio, please !