Facebook should have a necrology section

Facebook has been more a necrology section for me. I don’t read papers and I don’t have a TV. I do have a phone and people can’t pick it up to tell me someone is dead. So I learn of it on Facebook or by email. It sucks.

Yesterday, I saw that My Sister had written her condolences on the wall of two of my cousins. The cousins are brothers + their mom was sick = my aunt died. So I asked My Sister if she had died and she said « yes, yesterday ». Oh. Wow. My aunt died Tuesday and nobody told me. My parents didn’t call. However my sisters know.

Not the first time this has happened. At least this time it wasn’t as much a shock as this was.

I wonder what my mom’s excuse is for not calling me about this. It might seem self-centered but it seems to me that that when someone dies people have to do difficult things like calling everyone to make sure everyone knows that someone died. Even if they blubber, sniffle and cry while calling. My aunt was my mom’s boyfriend’s sister-in-law. Since my mom and him have been together for almost 30 years, his family is also ours. I’m sure this makes her sad. But not sad enough that she is in a pit of despair and catatonic.

If/when I have kids some day, I am going to call them when someone dies. And since my boyfriend’s family have a tendency to « forget » to call him also, we are going to both call the kids to make sure noone forgets to tell them when something happens.


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