Stupid Red Flags

Stupid red flags.

I have been thinking how friendship is like love relationships, one can still get red flags. If I am really excited about the person I should trust that something is going to turn wrong. Like when I really hit it off with a girl who turned out to be a slut. I am not saying this lightly and I very rarely say this about a woman. It’s not that she was sexual that bothered me. It’s that when she met my at the time boyfriend, she proceeded in dazzling him and his colleagues with tales of workplace backstore sex on camera. Plus, she didn’t mind having sex with guys who already had girlfriends.

This new friend of mine has been raising red flags. The first time she called me she wanted to talk about a guy at work and she has been talkig about him every time we see each other. She always asks herself too many questions about him. Why did he say this and say that after ? What does it mean ?

I haven’t received calls from her last week or this week except when she wanted to ask if I thought it was weird that the guy wrote to her on FB to tell her he was happy she had met someone. ???!!!I thought it was nice. Not weird.

And even if I told her how my sister kissed more than one of my boyfriends, how my ex paid too much attention to friends of mine (one of them being the slut from paragraph one) and how it really pisses me off and how I mistrust girls usually…she is presently eating sushi with my boyfriend. Alone together. In a sushi place my boyfriend and I wanted to try together.

I know she has a boyfriend now. The guy is my boyfriend’s best friend. I trust my boyfriend but it pisses me off that he would go to that restaurant with her. I don’t have any news from her even after she closed her FB account and she’s eating sushi with J-L ?!

I have been feeling uneasy since last week and I’m on full alert right now. I know I’m putting too much on this but, really. ARH