Happiness project and Sweet Shot Tuesday

I went for a walk with my friend to make her visit some chocolatiers she didn’t know : Suite 88, Les chocolats de Chloé and Maison kacao. While en route to Maison Kacao on rue Fabre, she stopped in front of this house, in admiration and since I had my little camera, I took a picture.

I’m sure I had never taken its picture. Isn’t it great ? Cute, far from the sidewalk, it appears like a magical place after blocks of duplexes and triplexes.

On Saturday it had snowed and this was taken late afternoon. It looks cold and it was cold !
Sweet Shot Day


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  1. Oh what a delightful place! I love the decorative trim, and the pretty archway framing it. It does look magical.

  2. Leigh

    Looks so pretty and inviting!