Planning a day off on Friday

At work, we have the possibility of taking personal days, sick days or even to pay for extra days off. Friday, I’m planning on taking a day off. I’m tired. I have reading to do for my class, cookies to bake, cookies to give.

I have an appointment for a haircut and electrolysis and I am going to bring the girls (and guy) a Christmas box of cookies. Maybe even some sucre à la crème. Since I found that place, I really enjoy going there. They are taking care of me (for a price) so I will take care of their sweet tooth. It’s a bit in advance because Christmas isn’t for a month but I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to celebrate for weeks and weeks.

If I have enough cookies (I always have more than enough) I am planning on giving some to the café I love to say « Happy anniversary », they opened on December 5th. Then there is the gym. For the gym, I plan to have a box of sugary cookies and a box of clean cookies for those who eat clean. I am baking for a retirement party as well. For that party I’m planning on adding lavender shortbread and red velvet whoopie pies.

Besides that I’m planning on doing a painting for my Sister. I picked her name for the gift exchange at my parent’s. She has been wanting a painting of mine for a while and she can’t buy it. In my defense, I have to say that she has some paintings I have done because I gave them to her. Those that decorate my walls, I ask to be paid ! So I will paint her one. Just for her. I know it will make her happy. Of course, she will also have a box of cookies because she has a sweeter tooth now that she’s getting older and I want my nephew to know that his aunt bakes quite well. 🙂

Maybe I will go shopping because I lost only 5 pounds but my t-shirts are too big now. I have a pile of t-shirts I don’t dare wear in public anymore. People get a flash of bra, I always have to adjust the collar. I will ask my boyfriend to take my measurements so I can track my progress. The scale isn’t effective.

I’m going to be late for work…

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  1. Here from ICLW 🙂 Totally know what you mean about the baking – I also bake like a fiend when I’m upset or going through something difficult. There’s something to Christmas cookies… help take the edge of the holidays off. I don’t know anyone who isn’t excited to get started a little early – however in the US we still have thanksgiving tomorrow, so anything before this weekend is a bit premature here. I’ll just have to wait… Best wishes to you.

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