Happiness Project and Sweet Shot Tuesday : Little Hoot

It’s too bad the pictures are not doing justice to the hoot. I wanted to take a picture of him doing his job : keeping the door open.

I have been pining over Etsy. I thought I couldn’t buy anything because I’m in Canada. But I could ! I just fell in love with the little hoot. I bought it here on Blue Pigeon Creations. Isn’t he cute ? I love the colors and the big eyes.

Because I was the first one to buy something on her shop Karen even sent me a coin purse. I put my credit card in it. I have no coins because it’s all going into my braces. AhAh.

Karen also has a blog and it’s where I first saw the hoot and that blog combined with her shop makes it very difficult not to whip out my Visa !

Sweet Shot Day


8 réflexions sur “Happiness Project and Sweet Shot Tuesday : Little Hoot

  1. What a cute and colorful little thing! It reminds me of something I had as a child that my mother made for me and my brother.

    Erika B

  2. I think this guy is about as cute as a door stop can get. Did you know you can shop on etsy and choose Canadian shops only? And even ones that are close to your region? Shopping was never so easy.

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