Insanely busy

I thought I had caught a break at work where I could breathe a bit but it was short-lived. Days go by quickly.

I have to make a schedule today where specific times in my week are devoted to some aspect of my work so I do a bit of everything. I am starting a blog about what I do at work and it’s making me very excited so I decided to do it at a precise time or it will consume every moment I have. The great thing about the blog is that my knowledge will be somewhere so the person replacing me (one day) will have the info he/she needs to understand the job !

I am also translating another professional blog and every time it’s rush-rush-rush. They don’t have much choice than to wait for my translations because I am not paid for it and I have a life. I do it quickly but sometimes it takes longer because there are some technical terms.

And I’m also baking like crazy ! 🙂