Another reason to be grateful

I have to answer many questions at work and I have decided to take the plunge and test something last week.

I know how people think, what they know and don’t know, what they want to know. So I decided to send an FAQ along with an email I was sending to announce some changes to my coworkers.

I’m grateful I decided to take the plunge and do this. I am also grateful that one of the recipients of the email called me to tell me how she appreciated what I had sent and that it answered many questions she had and others she didn’t know she had. This morning, I opened my email and I had an email from another coworker saying that she was happy I took the time to answer the questions in advance, questions she would have had to answer…by calling me…then going back to someone else to give them my answer. She’s offering chocolate.

I had forgotten that first phone call ! I’m grateful the email reminded me of it.

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