Feel Good Friday

Are you a highly organized list maker for the Holidays, or do you wing it?

I am a list maker.

No clip art though. Just lists on paper.

I have a list for gifts and people I give gifts to.

I have a list of what I am cooking for the party, what I’m bringing at my parent’s or my in laws. There is a list of what to bring on those trips.

I have the grocery list for the party and for the gifts. I make my gifts and they are edible. So I also have a list of stuff to buy like tin boxes, wrapping paper, etc.

There is the cleaning list and the what to do what day before the party list.

But they are not done at the same time or on the same pad.


2 réflexions sur “Feel Good Friday

  1. You are just like me!!!!! I have lists for everything too!!! Soemtimes I even have a list of future lists I need to make. Yes, I am nuts 🙂

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