Happiness Project and Sweet Shot Tuesday

Maybe I say this too much but I love this season. As much as I like Spring when it becomes green, or Summer when vegetation is at its strongest and most vibrant, I prefer Fall. I love walking on leaves and hearing the scrouch scrouch sound. I love that the leaves carpet sidewalks and lawns. If I had a house, I wouldn’t rake my lawn. The leaves would stay there until they are blown away. I love that squirrels are fat in Fall. I love that people put coats on their dogs, that I have to wear a scarf and gloves, that my cheeks sting from the cold, that I finally get to wear my sweaters.

It means that Christmas is coming with snow and wind and intense colds. It means it’s time to bake for the Christmas party and the gifts.

Double Chocolate Walnut Chunks cookies, p. 23 of Canadian Living, The Holiday Cookie Collection 2010.

Sweet Shot Day


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  1. You do make fall sound appealing, but I just moved from up north to get away from the cold winters! This year I’m enjoying a new kind of fall! Great pictures, love the rusty colors you captured.

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