Grateful Monday

I’m grateful that :

  1. I don’t rely on luck or destiny to guide my life.
  2. I see opportunities and seize them making my life more meaningful and satisfying to me.
  3. I see beauty in many things but I base my decisions on facts. A coat has to be nice and hot and comfortable and not expensive. Not just cute.
  4. My boyfriend loves me for who I am.
  5. I do have dreams but I don’t have very high expectations (in general) so I am less disappointed or badly surprised by people or events.
  6. I am a realist. Most of the time I can state matter of fact-ly negative points without being a complaint. I see things for what they are and…
  7. I don’t take these things personally. I don’t take anything really personal…
  8. I do complain and vent about stuff and then I either accept it or I fix it.
  9. I am motivated. I have tried finding out where this motivation comes from but I failed, I just can’t really explain it. I should write a post about it to make it more clear in my head.
  10. I can find many things to pass the time ! Like blogging, reading, cooking, making comments on other blogs, writing…
  11. I am not envious of my friends.