Getting braces in 10 days

I got my separators this week and one of them fell the next day. I went back to the dentist to replace it and he got one more between my teeth. It fell the next morning. He had given me 2 separators to install myself if some fell off again so I did that…it got in…but I don’t know if it’s at the right place!!

I hope it is not what my next 3 years will be like !I have gone to the dentist so much since summe that the corners of my mouth are red and it hurts. To install the separators the second time, the guy had less experience (it was an emergency, my own team wasn’t there) and the floss cut my mouth corners. Last night it really hurt. So I applied tea tree oil in case it gets infected and anyway it’s good for every kind of bobo and I applied petroleum jelly so it doesn’t dry out and crack. Not fun.

A colleague says I’m going to be fabulous when they come off and it makes me laugh. It was my argument to make peace with the whole thing at the start. I appreciate his humor about this.  When I get my braces off, it will be worth it I hope !

Do any of you have braces or had some as an adult ? How much time did it take before you got to take them off ? Are you happy with how the things are going or with the results ?


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  1. I had braces as a teenager and need them again as an adult (no one told me I’d need to wear my retainer for the rest of my life). If I ever get the money, I’d like to do the invisalign braces.

  2. i had braces when i was 14-16 and let me tell you, i had TERRIBLE teeth, very crooked. i only ended up having to wear them about a year and a half, which was a super short amount of time. i didn’t wear my retainer like i should have, same as the above commenter. and now i have a few teeth that have gone crooked again, i’d also like to look into invisalign.

    I know three people who had braces as adults and the average amount of time seems to be 2 years and their teeth still look great years later.

    • My dentist said that after the braces come off, I would have to wear something at night for a year and after that, as needed. It would ensure that my teeth stay straight. He said that kids who didn’t wear it every night for a year had their teeth go crooked a bit after. Never as bad as before. Invisalign seems so much less complicated ! I hope that you can get that ! Thanks for your comment, Jen !

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