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My fake name is Terry Elisabeth Wynd. When I think of it, it’s weird that I preach honesty and that I am honest, forward and myself in real life but I use a fake name here and I don’t show pictures of myself or my family. I guess it has to do with the fact that like many other people in real life and bloggers I don’t have many people to talk to.

Of course, we talk about the weather (the most important subject of conversation in the province of Québec), TV series, books, food, flowers, etc. I don’t mind talking about « real » things but I think people don’t really want to deal with real. Some yes. Most not. So I keep to myself a lot. My blog is a way to put out there what I have inside. My pictures are a way of sharing what I see, all those details that make life so beautiful. My words are a way for me to not become sick again. I just have to get it out.

I have to say that life has become sweeter and my past troubles are not invading my thoughts as much as they used to. I do have flash backs once in a while. I do have temper flareups where I swear and feel like I want to scream. I do have periods where I would like to cry. I try and succeed most of the time to be positive. I charge forward and make do with what I have.

This year I found that :

  • We take our bodies for granted and don’t think how wonderful it is that we have working legs and arms, that our brains allow us to live and work…eyes, ears, skin. Sometimes I feel lucky just being alive.
  • When I change my workout I’m passionate about it.
  • When I’m stressed at work I tend to make fewer hours packed with work instead of long stretches of work.
  • Mondays give me a headache.
  • I find it crazy that going to the dentist took care of a problem I felt was always there. Turns out it was not.
  • Even if I subscribe to magazines in the attempt of spending less money, I manage to buy even more.
  • With this change of workout and eating clean a bit more, I have more energy, haven’t been depressed except for a very small dose of brain fog at the start of Fall, and I sleep better.
  • I realized I don’t have as many nightmares as last year or even the year before that.
  • I realized I am not the person I was. In a good way. I love who I have become and I hope I continue to better myself.

My blog is written in French and in English. If you would like to read posts in French and you want to translate them in English, use my Google Translate widget. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough. I also have a Québécois language page for certain untranslatable words.


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