Happiness Project

This weekend, my boyfriend and I were going at my parent’s place to celebrate My Sister’s and my mother’s birthdays. The bus was late and when it arrived, It wasn’t in its usual place.

We learned that because of road work on the bridge, we were going to get to Châteaugay and then take another bus to our final destination. We would pay at the second bus.

AH. We arrived in Châteaugay. No 2nd bus. It would arrive in an hour. Luckily for us, there was a Café Dépôt. My dad came to pick us up, he arrived at the same time the bus did.

I got to drink a latte made with skim milk and cinnamon on it. Hmmm…not shown here ? A cupcake.🙂 I will post that picture this week.


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  1. Yumm. That looks so good!

  2. Yum! I lived my first 7 years in Chateauguay!🙂 Hope you had a nice visit!

  3. That looks quite yummy!

  4. Mmmmm looks so delicious!!! and a cupcake too? yum!
    HAppy Tuesday!

  5. Oh boy, does that look inviting!


  6. Yummmm…it’s a cool rainy day here…that would hit the spot!

  7. Jane

    Ah oui le café, c’est trop apaisant et délicieux.

  8. That looks so comforting. I just want to climb in and take a little bubble bath. I know, I’m weird.

  9. THat would make me happy too!

  10. Oh yummm…I can’t wait to see the cupcake too!

  11. well i hope that coffee and the cupcake made up for all the hassle

  12. Mel

    That looks so delicious. I’m craving one now.