Happiness Project and Sweet Shot Tuesday

Fall in Montreal. Fall in the province of Québec. Makes me very happy. Leaves are changing colors, the light is changing. Soon walking will be accompanied by the sound of crunching leaves, the sky will be crispy blue, scarves will protect us from biting cold. I love this season !

This is a shot of rue Ontario on the corner of St-Denis. I love that I can see old houses and buildings from downtown at the same time. It was taken Sunday morning. Even though it was already 10am, there were not a lot of people around. The tourists are few now that the festivals are mostly over.

The last house, where the roof is of a lighter color, is a B&B with secret passages. A friend of mine always stays there when she comes to visit and she loves it. Then we go eat at La Paryse, just in front. I hope she comes visit this year.

Sweet Shot Day


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  1. Secret passages are always cool.🙂 Beautiful picture.

  2. Beautiful photo-would love to go there to visit one day!

  3. anneawesome

    Beautiful shot.

  4. I’m not sure why, but I can’t see the picture. I could see the word picture you drew, though…and it sounds wonderful!


  5. Now I just have to visit there.

  6. beautiful pictures!!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you from this woman who is homesick for Montreal! Beautiful!!

  8. It looks so inviting and peaceful, yet busy with lives being lived.