The lowers and the uppers

The title makes me think of when I was bipolar but I’m in fact talking about the program at the gym ! 🙂 I am trying on a three-months program I found in older issues of Oxygen and I’m in the first month where I train the upper and then the lower. I wonder why can’t we just train them both at the same time and save some time ?

In fact, I was thinking about depression yesterday. It seems so far away, so long ago, that I was in a depression. It seems unreal when I think about it now. But it was very real. Difficult, painful. Horrible. Fall is also the time when it creeps back. Well, it used to.

I feel so much better than I used to. I feel so normal. When I become irrational, suspicious, moody it’s because of PMS. So I’m grateful for PMS. Because it’s only PMS. Not a rapidly cycling bipolar event. I’m grateful I survived. I’m grateful I’m feeling better and that tears mean I feel pain or sadness and if I cry it’s going to make me feel better…instead of making me go for a loop. I’m grateful all my energy is there and that when I’m tired I can sleep.

So today I’m going to go to the gym and train the lower, the upper if I have time, and then pilates if I feel like it. Pilates will train the abs so I hope I feel like it. Nothing is better for the abs !