Sweet Shot Tuesday and Happiness Project

Friday night, J-L went to school to get ahead in his homework and I stayed home. I decided to empty the bookcase. Books and toys and pictures everywhere. I dusted and made a pile of books to sell or give away.

Then I put the stuff back ! I’m quite happy with it. Below is a pile of my library books. 🙂

I love pictures of books. I just think it’s too bad that I had to use the flash.

Sweet Shot Day


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10 réponses à “Sweet Shot Tuesday and Happiness Project

  1. Wow!! what a great accomplishment… Love how the bookshelf looks now 🙂

  2. Love being organized! Good for you.

  3. I love my books, but I need to purge them once in a while. And organizing always makes me smile, once I can get myself to do it!


  4. Leigh

    Books are the absolute best!

  5. LOVE FOR BOOKS!!!!! We have to many and they are sooo hard to get rid of! LOL

  6. Love it, creating order out of chaos, wish i could do the same here, but we are in the midst of a kitchen remodel tthat is going on 3 weeks.

  7. You made the bookshelf look terrific.

    I expect one of these days to have all my books electronic.